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FAQ - all things tea

This quick reference list may answer any questions that you have. 

Q: What is the normal/average turn-around-time for orders? 
A: Approximately 3-5 business days

Q: Do you combine shipping?
A: When we can! Multiple orders through the website can be combined as long as they are being delivered to the same address. Combining orders from the website and social media events is typically no longer done, but please reach out if you are interested and we may be able to make exceptions. 

Q: What's the difference between a pouch and a deluxe sample? And a sample? How much tea does each of them hold?
A: Starting with the single cup sample (16oz), the deluxe sample contains approximately 3-4 cups while the pouch contains approximately 13 cups. 

Q: How much tea should I use?
A: Almost everyone recommends the 1tsp per 8 oz of water rule. If you do as well, make sure your measuring spoon is for dry ingredients and not wet. Feel free to adjust to your taste and preference.

Q: Can tea be used more than once? 
A: Almost always! For consecutive cups, brew for slightly less time than the previous cup. To get two perfect cups out of one bag or strainer, try not to over-steep or the second cup may be very light in flavor. 

Q: How hot should my water be?
A: For technical brewing, here are the temperatures and steep times:
Black teas - boiling @ 212* for 3-5 minutes
Herbal blends - boiling @ 212* for 7-10 minutes
Green teas - 180* for 2-3 minutes
White teas - 180* for 3-5 minutes

Q: What if I don't own a thermometer?
A: Teas that require boiling water are easy, it's the lower temperature teas that can be tricky. For light teas, bring kettle to a boil and allow to cool for ~5 minutes. 

Q: Do you keep a master list of all the blends offered?
A: In the past when there were far fewer blends we absolutely did! The store and its inventory has grown and a new list is being compiled now, Spring 2021.

Q: Can you tell me which teas contain gluten and any other allergy risk ingredients?
A: Absolutely! Please feel free to send an email with a list of any teas that you are interested in and we can provide any information you may need. As of now, Spring 2021, there is a master list being compiled that contains that same information and will be available to the public soon.

If this list didn't include your question, reach out to us through our email at and we'll do our best to supply an answer.